Dr. Richard S. Carter


Since graduating from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 2002, Dr. Richard S. Carter has worked as an emergency room physician, a family practice physician and as a medical chief of staff at local hospitals.

Dr. Richard S. Carter realized early in his career that to serve the community in today’s demanding healthcare environment, an effective MD needed business and management skills as well as medical expertise. He set out to obtain all the skills medical and otherwise that he would need to be an effective healthcare provider.

Recently, to combine his medical and medical administrative and leadership expertise with his longtime interest in rural medicine, Dr. Richard S. Carter has opened the Carter Clinic in Checotah Oklahoma, a rural area in McIntosh country Okalahoma.

Dr. Richard S. Carter: special expertise
Dr. Richard S. Carter has Special expertise in healthcare business development and operations, medical Information technology, patient advocacy, health care quality control, medical most containment, as well as the staffing, training and development of medical personnel.

Profile of Dr. Richard S. Carter
Dr. Richard Carter is a Strong patient advocate who believes strongly those positive patient outcomes comes from the combination of an attentive physician and efficient healthcare delivery. Therefore Dr. Richard Carter has worked hard to develop a unique combination of physician and administrative stills to analyze and improve care delivery and provide effective quality control for medical facilities and other physicians. Dr. Richard Carter has proved himself to be an innovative problem solver with and track record for controlling costs and delivery bottom line results.

Professional Affiliations: Dr. Richard S. Carter

  • AAFP – Board Certified Family Practice
  • American Medical Association
  • American Association of Family Practice
  • Oklahoma Association of Family Practice

Dr. Richard S. Carter
Carter Clinic, Checotah
118 S. Broadway
Checotah, OK 74426

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